There’s a Thousand Million Things to love about Honey Beard

In addition to being an interesting name, Honey Beard is also an interesting Irish/Canadian band that specializes in electronic dark-pop music. The duo cites their early influences to bands like Depeche Mode and The Doors, which informs the […]. The Toronto-based duo recently graced the city with their album Thousand Million Things (2016).

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 3.13.35 PMRight from the get-go, we’re hit with a heavy electronic beat that serves as the undertone for the psych-pop vocals that accompany this spacey style. As soon as it started, I decided that “Stretch in the Evening” was my favorite song. Each song starts to sound like a variation of the other with the same 8-bit theme running through the album. Anyone who’s into the style will enjoy the repetition, but for those who crave a little more variety within an album and wants to hear an artist flex their other creative tastes – you’ll have to wait for the next album.

I never really got the impression that they were directly inspired by The Doors, but maybe thematically, they resemble them in a sort of way. There’s a darkness to their music, but it’s at no point threatening. If anything, the music is relaxing. If you liked the Drive (2011) soundtrack, then odds are, you’ll probably get a kick out of this neon-infused ‘80s-reminiscent synth pop album.

There’s a thousand million things to like about Honey Beard, so make sure you check out what they’re up to on their official website. Also listen to their music on their Soundcloud page. Get up-to-the-minute details through their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @honeybeardband.

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