The Peculiar hit debut EP with the right notes

The Peculiar slipped swiftly into the indie music scene with their self-titled debut EP, The Peculiar. Before this release, drummer David Chidekel, vocal-guitarist Henri McGuire, bassist Michael “British” Marshall, guitarist Jason “Kato” Burgos, and sound producer Xavia Bailey, were operating as a full music group since 2013.

This album was a few years coming, but the band took the time to carefully craft their sound on an individual level and their hard work certainly shows.

ThePeculiar-1Starting off coolly with smooth rock, their first track “Lioness” shows variety as it gains ground throughout the song with a harder drumming riffs to an almost tribal level at some parts. The tracks are pretty unique, particularly with the vocal style. Granted, it may not be the best singing you’ve ever heard, but it certainly does the trick, and you can’t deny the talent involved by everyone here.

Some of the songs come across as sounding similar, but that consistent style is alluring and will sell to a broader audience. It’s too fast-paced to be gloomy but too toned-down to be a rip-roaring rock, making it a somewhat difficult to define form of soft-core rock.

The tracks that strike me the most are “Lioness” – putting a stronger track at the beginning of the album was a good idea – and “Smothering The Parrot” (which is just a fun track to listen to, “feathers and all”). They just started out and The Peculiar is definitely worth a listen.

Check out The Peculiar on Facebook. Their debut album can be streamed from Spotify, so you definitely want to give them all the support you can. And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter @pecul1ar.


* Our condolences to The Peculiar for the loss of their great friend and sound-mixer Xavia S. Bailey. Raz Mataz and I would like to give our best wishes to the band and to the friends and family of Mr. Bailey.

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