The Nursery rises up from its Digital Ashes

Toronto-based foursome The Nursery is one of those bands that can seemingly do no wrong. Their newest EP, Digital Ashes, was released at the end of July and is a short masterpiece in psychedelic electro-pop—which is to be expected, given the delightful first look we got with teasers like “She Speaks The Wave” and “Hexes and Oh’s”.

TheNursery-1The album opens with the titular “Digital Ashes”. With its echoey harmonies, fun keys and lofty choruses, the soaring tune is as ominous as you can get with electro-pop.

“She Speaks The Wave” and “Hexes and Oh’s” follow, and they’re still as fun and as quick as ever. And, one right after another, they’ll get you dancing like it’s the first time you’ve heard them.

The intergalactic “Oceans of You” comes next. It’s a synth-heavy song with hazy guitars taking a calm backseat and drums that quite build in intensity as the song expertly dips into quiet—before springing into spacious envelopes of sound.

TheNursery-2“Crystal Beach” is where fuzz-heavy guitars meet more classical-sounding keys for an almost ‘80s intro. It jumps into a fun chorus of the finest electro-pop you’ve ever heard. Pair that with the most nuanced details and gloriously dazed lyrics, and this track makes for one especially fun and dancey song.

“Xyoto’s Dream” rounds out the album. Its lucid sounds and twinkling keys wash over you as an eerie dream-induced voice asks, “Where are we going?” The song opens to metallic drums and distant hums before dropping off to silence. It’s the perfect outro to the album.

Want more from The Nursery? Of course you do. Check ‘em out online.

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