The My Cruel Goro EP is far from old-fashioned but is not a stereotype of modern indie sound

Few bands are as international as My Cruel Goro. Originally hailing from Italy, they currently make their music from Iceland, using the usual social media streams to make themselves heard worldwide. Grungey, synthetic, and punk rock, Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass), and Tommaso Adanty (drums) work in tandem to attack their tracks from various different genre angles.

0005479451_10Today we’re checking out their debut EP of the same name, showing the world their teeth before breaking out into other albums. Punk rock, grunge, garage, and indie may sound like a bunch of tags that you hear over and over again, but once you take in the ever-European “gaze” angle, you know you’re dealing with something a little different. So here it is: the My Cruel Goro EP.

This style of music stands on the precipice between ‘90s rock and early 2000’s punk – despite this album’s release being in 2015. I suppose that’s a likely combination when you put the grungegaze label on your music. With the extended instrumentals in songs like “Glue Buzz” framed by rip-roaring choruses, this kind of music spans decades and will likely always have a place in the indie community. It’s far from old-fashioned, but it doesn’t fall into line with today’s indie or pop music stereotypes. It’s honest punk with all the guitar slashing and drum bashing you could want.

Bands have to keep bringing something new to the table to effectively compete in this rough market, and My Cruel Goro does it with style. Check it out on their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Be sure to hit them up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @MyCruelGoro.

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