The Long Distance Runners go to great lengths with “You Gotta Remind Me”

With the album Elements released in October and their debut single “You Gotta Remind Me” released last month, this has clearly been a busy year for The Long Distance Runners.They started off with humble beginning in St. John’s, Nfld., experimenting with different sound blends before hitting the national stage to a wide reception, even being featured on CBC Music. As a sort of celebration and another testament to their work, the group released a video to accompany their song “You Gotta Remind Me”.

LongDistanceRunnersThey certainly weren’t lying when they said that some of their inspirations were drawn from ‘60s psychedelic styles. Both the music and the video to go with it are dripping with that hippie vibe. Complete with swirling paint, cutouts of the band members, and long drawn-out vocals, it’s definitely from another time and it’s oddly uneventful.

I’ll remind you to check out “You Gotta Remind Me” and other tracks through the official Long Distance Runners website. Also check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @LDR_theband for immediate updates.


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