The Elwins just want to have fun with their “Show Me How to Move” video

You loved their tracks when they first appeared on The Elwins’ Play For Keeps (2015) and you probably heard their hit song “So Down Low” on a few indie stations. Now, check them out cinematically with the video release of “Show Me How to Move”.

elwins_move-592The Elwins always had fun music videos, especially with the aforementioned “So Down Low”. Here we’ve got a well-to-do man who’s more than happy to be home after a presumably long day, dancing around with a soft drink in hand. The attitude is contagious, because who doesn’t feel like dancing on the inside when they finally get home?

But hark! The plot thickens! In his house, there seems to be a dance floor of jeans and t-shirt clad men dancing in what looks like a quickly put-together work reunion. I’m led to believe they just got off work also. The video is fun, the song is catchy, and it’s just generally another good time handed off to us by The Elwins.

They’ll show us how to move and we’ll show you how to keep in touch: check out their website, Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter @TheElwins. Hell, just check all of them out – you know they’re worth it.

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