Tear Away Tusa urges you to listen to your “Body’s Sound”

What happens when six lively friends get together at a music college and kick-start a jazzy, soul-filled band with hints of pop and afro-beat? Well, you get a groovy musical cocktail called Tear Away Tusa.

TearAwayTusaLast September, they released a track called “Body’s Sound” to preview their namesake album, Tear Away Tusa (2015). Exhibiting the colourful modern tones of a Torontonian indie band, they’re slowly winning appeal over the indie music masses.

This is a kind of song that lets its hair down, not taking itself too seriously and urges you to relax. If you ever found yourself wondering what a rainbow sounded like, this is pretty much it. “Body’s Sound” has a vibe that relates to a live kid’s show song that pumps up the young ones, but it’s decidedly adult (so no guilty pleasures here, just let yourself enjoy the rhythm). I can’t immediately compare it to another band I’ve heard, but it’s kinda like a local musical showcase style.

Let’s all ride this new curve of avant-garde indie music: check out their music on their SoundCloud page. For more information on their releases or blitzy performances, check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @tearawaytusa. And if you don’t give their official website a look, you’re missing out!


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