Take a trip with High Sunday’s “Wonderland”

“Wonderland,” the latest single from LA-based hip-hop group High Sunday, opens quietly. But don’t be fooled: it soon dives into a sonic wonderland (sorry).

highsunday-1The song’s jazzy undertones pair perfectly with its smokey, cinematic qualities. The group is certainly not afraid to mix their influences, likely a result of its seven members.

High Sunday also mixes its glorious hip hop harmonies, if there ever was a thing, with its passionate vocals, twinkling keys, and sing-along lyrics that vaguely hide a dark side: “Welcome to my wonderland/where everything is not exactly as it seems/violent faces, shattered dreams/You don’t want to live in tragedy.”

It’s a beautiful juxtaposition between soft and hard.

And it’s a song you’ll want to hear over and over again.

Get more High Sunday online at www.highsundaymusic.com.

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