Take a long and cosmic journey with TOUR TAPE

Just three months after releasing their self-titled pseudo-debut, Shirley and the Pyramids are back with a two-track teaser.

TOUR TAPE is largely instrumental and, despite having just two songs, clocks in at more than 25 minutes long.

shirleyandthepyramids-1The record opens with the 22-minute-and-23-second-long “TRAIN SONG.” The song floats in, with its oddball sound bites anchored by a soothing, echoey drip-drop of bass. The deep, almost-not-there vocals act as another instrument, as another piece of this auditory puzzle.

Soon, the marathon song floats into another sonic landscape, almost like a film score. This interlude feels like you’re in a space ship, floating through far-away galaxies.

Then, the track turns quick. It has more of a pop feel, but maybe pop in space – like you’ve come out the other side of the wormhole.

That strangely happy tone is continued on the next track, “OLD FATE.” It’s a dizzying song, with its laser sounds and its futuristic 70s vibe. But it most certainly plasters a smile on your face.

What will Shirley and the Pyramids think up next? We asked them – read the exclusive interview here.

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