Take a break with Surf Dads’ Summer Vacation

This past summer, everyone’s favourite surfy punkers released their fourth EP, Summer Vacation. Surf Dads’ latest, which was written and recorded in just three days, is more skater punk than what you might expect, but surfy undertones and lo-fi sensibilities prove this duo knows what they’re doing.

surfdads-1The four-song EP opens with “Found Yourself In Thailand”. It’s quick-paced, with heavy marching drums, and slightly distorted with surfey keys. The sharp, edgy vocals call out angrily to a mysterious woman: “She’s got a bottle for the night / It’s all that makers her feel alright / Did you find yourself in Thailand?”

Next up is “Holding Back,” which offers some fuzzy distorted guitars, right off the bat. Pounding drums drive the song ahead, flowing with few breaks. It makes for an oddly comforting tune, even as it builds in intensity.

“Yesterday’s Clothes” follows, with its echoey vocals and distorted guitars. The song soon splits out into a lovely wall of sound, before suddenly breaking into a stronger, angrier tone. It finishes off with a new skater-punk edge that suits the duo really well.

Finally, “The Way She Does” rounds out the album. But don’t be fooled by its cheeky, growling vocals, distorted guitars and crazy-fast drums—this track is a love song: “The way she does / is what I love”

Surf Dads is playing a show in their native Regina on October 15. If you’re in the area, check ‘em out—you won’t regret it. Get more Surf Dads on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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