Stranded Cruiser unapologetically takes the DIY route with Pretty, Fantastic

The Do-It-Yourself route in the music industry may be a tough one to follow, but it offers many allowances. For instance: Stranded Cruiser, the Whitby-based independent band, prides itself in being able to break away from the pop music mainstream and hone their garage punk skills. Their freshman album Pretty, Fantastic (2015) is a testament to this freedom, dappling in different themes and giving them the right to even say “fuck” a few times.

1391853_688610284491186_1217754680_nTheir distaste towards the way the music industry is run punches its way through their opening track “Shark Tank” (No, not the show, jackass). There’s something Sex Pistols with the execution here, harkening back to a time of stand-offish punk rock. From the style of their music to the name of their record company (Get Bent Records), Stranded Cruiser sports an unrelenting disdain for everything and anything.

Though their style is consistent, the differences from song to song can be seen through the aggression in the vocals (and slight change of instrumental hardiness), ranging from the hard-headed “Been Gone For a While” to lighter tunes like “Mother Abbey”.

Pretty, Fantastic (2015) is pretty fantastic, so go check it out at Stranded Cruiser’s Bandcamp page. Catch the wave of this up-and-coming career through their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @strandedcruiser.

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  1. fuck yeah these guys are awesome check them out if you get the chance. good guys greater music.

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