Radio Radio’s “Boomerang” is one of those videos you have to see to believe

Here’s a new one for you: a Nova Scotia-based duo who raps in Chiac – an English-influenced version of the Acadian language.

Radio Radio hit the scene back in 2007 with their EP called, oddly enough, Télé-Télé. Since then, they’ve amassed an impressive fan base with subsequent albums like Cliché Hot (2008), Belmundo Regal (2010), Havre de Grace (2012), and Ej Feel Zoo (2014).

There are videos employing the masterful use of puppetry like the “Land of Confusion” by Genesis, or Interpol’s “Evil” video.

RadioRadioRadio Radio’s “Boomerang” video is not one of those, nor was it meant to be. It’s one of those videos that very easily could have been filmed with people instead of puppets, but where the hell is the fun in that? The song is the most fun out of the experience: addictive, repetitive, insane – it forces you to like it. Not with charm, but with the understanding that you won’t find this kind of thing anywhere else. So merci beaucoup, Radio Radio, for the taste of something different… and the nightmares tonight.

Get the skinny on this spiffy bunch through the official Radio Radio website. Also be sure to look them up on social media through their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @laradioradio.


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