Sleep Gallery comes as Luka Fisher’s next audio collage

Los Angeles-based ambient musician Luka Fisher and the team released their experimental collection: Sleep Gallery (2015) courtesy of Silber Records. They describe their sound as “ambient, primitive dance music and sound experiments” – all packed into five minutes. Silber Records has been championing multiple indie acts and one of their later acts is this mystifying collection.

amadeus-1-900x632It doesn’t take long for the listener to realize that Fisher’s album has the same spaced-out, stock sound intertwined audio collage that you could expect to hear from bands like Skinny Puppy, albeit much more toned down. The best track, at least that I’ve found, was with “As You Slip Away”, sporting an enticingly creepy riff that’s over before you can even get a full sense of it, much like the rest of the album. It’s a quick one-two punch of an album, but I think that’s what makes the audience crave more.

Want to get sucked into another world for a few minutes? Give Sleep Gallery (2015) a listen through Silber Records’ Bandcamp page.

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