Say hello to Hurtsmile’s “Good Bye” video

Gary Cherone already cut his teeth as the frontman to mega band Van Halen, but now he’s focusing his attentions on a collaborative project with country enthusiast website Taste of Country to create Hurtsmile. The band, which he affectionately refers to as his “mistress”, recently put out their sophomore album Retrogrenade (2015). To get fans pumped, they’ve put out a video to their song “Good Bye”.

HurtsmileIt’s a pretty simple production with re-occurring clips of country scenes and the editing process isn’t complex – but the short and simple approach works with a soft-spoken, swaying country tune like this one. The black-and-white, meanwhile, works to provide unity between the in-studio footage and the footage captured on what looks like a ranch.

The song itself is pretty standard for a country song – folksy and all. “Good Bye” is a lot slower and softer than what you’d expect from an album called Retrogrenade. It’s a quiet introduction to Cherone’s new project, but it works nonetheless.

Say hello to Hurtsmile and their new video “Goodbye” trough the Taste of Country exclusive release. Keep up with Guy Cherone’s latest project through their Facebook page and be sure to follow them on Twitter @hurtsmile.


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