Ride High with Toui Manikhouth’s “Low Tide”

“Low Tide” comes as the latest track to Hamilton-based solo artist Toui Manikhouth. With the This Service EP under his belt and an aversion to publicity, Manikhouth shows a slowly climbing career rich with folk, acoustic and indie rock. You know, all that good stuff. Released last June, “Low Tide” comes as a single track while Manikhouth’s momentum swings high.

TouiManikhouthIf Manikhouth sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard of the hard metal and punk band he’s party to: Hey Clown. The tune rests on a hazy and relaxed ride in a complete acoustic style. The whole smooth sounding venture is completed with Manikhouth’s soothing voice. Interestingly enough, “Low Tide” comes in a stark contrast to Hey Clown’s “screamo” sound.

What’s appealing about it is that it gives you the feeling that everything’s going to be okay. Also striking about the music here is the originality of the lyrics right from the start of the song: “Don’t take the battles we’ve lost in the wrong way, we’ll leave them behind with the heartache and the words said out of line, long ago”.

Manikhouth may be hard to find, but he’s worth listening to. Check out his Bandcamp page for upcoming tracks and follow him on Twitter @TeeDotEm for performances and to check out his latest tracks and releases.


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