Reversing Falls touches on a more modern sound with “Are You There?”

Montreal-based band Reversing Falls returns in 2016 with their album Reversing Falls 2. To pump up fans, the pop-rock artists pre-released their jumpy track “Are You There?”. Truly in indie style, the album was recorded and produced by guitarist and singer Tyler Crawford with the backing of Pigeon Row Records. What’s different this time around is the introduction of a new drummer, Jamie Thompson.

This album comes as a sort of experimental sequel to their 2013 debut Reversing Falls. With the next installation in their discography, they opt for a sound decidedly more modern.

The song sounds like Death Cab for Cutie with the rhythm, but it’s decidedly different with the amount of vocal filters laid over. It’s catchy and easy to love, especially if you’re a fan of other indie Canadian bands, like Broken Social Scene and Arcade Fire. If your music tastes range from the laid-back execution to the fast-paced, heart-a-flutter tune with ethereal vocal styles, then Reversing Falls is the band for you.

Hear the first and second Reversing Falls albums through the namesake band’s Soundcloud or Bandcamp page. Be sure to check them out on Spotify as well. Also, get more information on their releases and tour dates through their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @reversingfalls.

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