Postcode gets back to their rocking roots with The Dandelion Radio Sessions

Postcode guitarist Mikie Daugherty is no stranger to making music with Internet-based radio service, Dandelion Radio. Daugherty and Dandelion Radio worked together through the Nanaki version of the Dandelion Radio Session (2015). This latest EP brings back the founding members of Postcode, Daugherty and vocalist Marie Reynolds, as well as a line-up of new talent like drummer Johnny Peacock, bassist Steve Halsall, and guitarist Kieran Bal.

Like with all other releases by Postcode, The Dandelion Radio Session album is presented by Small Bear Records and is offered on a name-your-price basis. Two tracks on the album, “Donny” and “Reds”, make an electric return, being re-realized by the added oomph that new faces bring to the table. Three new tracks are available as well, marking another chapter in this promising career.

PostcodeThe Dandelion Radio Session lets Postcode stick to its original territory of alternative rock, taking a break from their three previous slower albums that had an indie-pop glaze. It’s a relief to hear classic Postcode and to see that Peacock, Halsall, and Bal perfectly click into place with the sound that Daugherty and Reynolds have established. The collection starts with a pumped-up new-age sounding track called “Simple Things” to let you know that they’ve never really gone away – that they were always here.

“Reds” also has a refreshing new sound to it, letting the band display variety even with the tracks the fans already know inside-out. The new tracks are just as great, and while the experimenting was a fun romp to listen to with their previous albums, I’m looking forward to them flexing that familiar rock muscle in future releases – especially with Dandelion Radio at their side.

This album was originally broadcast in September on Mark Whitby’s show and can now be downloaded from Postcode’s Bandcamp page. Zebracore shows Postcode’s stripes through their Facebook page. Get more information on The Dandelion Radio Session and upcoming performances and releases on Twitter by following them @Zebracore.


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