Opus Eyes’ debut record will make an electronica lover out of you

Last year, Harrison Fine was named NOW Magazine’s Best Producer for the second year running.

So it’s only fitting that Fine would release his own music. And he did late last year under the moniker Opus Eyes.

The seven-track debut, titled Lightswitch, beautifully marries the organic with the synthetic.

“Train to India” opens the record with a twinkling, full piano, soft hums and the spirit of a computer program, before melting into a sitar-like echo. But you don’t even notice where one part ends and the other begins – that’s how perfect it is.

OpusEyesThe album’s title track comes next, showing off Fine’s award-winning production skills and his lyrical side: “killers of a modern mind”. It builds in intensity and feels immensely vast; and it’s radio-ready.

“Istanbul” is the very definition of experimental, with strong Church-like vocals and a tight electronica beat. “Firefly”, meanwhile, is robotic and cold, but Fine pulls it off, putting all other producers to shame with the multi-layered and perfectly timed song.

The record ends with an orchestra of electronic sounds, hums and human chatter in “Infinite” and a final, stripped-down soliloquy in “Solitaire”.

This kind of electronic music usually isn’t my cup of tea, but I can’t stop listening to Opus Eyes.

Get more Opus Eyes at his website.


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