Minimalist production is a breath of fresh air on Thumpz’s “Better Days”

Indie hip-hop artist Thumpz’s recently released music video for his song ‘Better Days’ is the first from his upcoming free mixtape, Cries From the Mount of Olives – due out at the end of this month.

The video is an invitation to Thumpz’s home in the Leyton and Patterson Avenue neighbourhood and his local church. Watch as Thumpz spits conscious on everything from how gay people are viewed by members of the church, to the taking of young black lives and their killers’ acquittals, to Thumpz’s own quest for spiritual growth. Heavy subjects that Thumpz (a.k.a. Jordan Thoms), regardless, remains faithfully optimistic about.

Thumpz-2The track’s minimalist production is a breath of fresh air. Using few instruments and a one-line chorus sung by Anthony Mareo, producer Dirty Rice creates a soulful and jazzy off-beat that will keep heads nodding and, like the video, puts the focus Thumpz’s strong lyrics and flow.

Be up on the latest, including the free release of Cries From the Mount of Olives, by checking out the Thumpz Facebook page, Twitter feed, Bandcamp page, and the Scarborough Records website.


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