Meet the new and improved Andreas

Andreas-1Andreas have been around the indie music scene for a quite a few years, but after a band rejig, it’s like they’re a totally new band.

We sat with Brian Andreas (guitar, vocals) and Jennifer Lockman (keys) to chat about their new sound, their new music, and what’s next for the new Andreas.


Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): You recently massaged the band structure: what’s different, and why did you want to change it up?

Jennifer Lockman (JL): The musical chemistry of the two of us has been there right from the beginning. We wanted to explore it, so an acoustic version of the band was a natural thing that just happened. We started playing different kinds of venues that catered to the acoustic performance. The other band members had other commitments in their lives so it all just lead to this, almost effortlessly.


RMM: Has the new structure impacted your sound? How?

Brian Andreas (BA): I’m always looking for honesty in the things we write – music without pretensions. When you strip everything away – all of that genre nonsense (whether it be rock, country, rap, etc.) – what you’re left with is a song, and that’s the most important thing to me.

So when we’re putting something together, we’re not worried about the pretensions that inhabit certain genres (should this “country” song have steel guitar? Should this “rock” song have faster guitars?), only about the best possible arrangement of that song.


RMM: You released a few videos, before a new album. Why release new music this way?

Andreas-2BA: I think we can do more with this medium. For me it’s the best way of clearly expressing, “This is who we are, and what we do.”

There is also practicality; in 2016, I can do much more with a video (relative to our website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) than I can with an album – at least for now.

JL: Video is huge right now. It gives us an opportunity to show up exactly as we are, and share it where ever we can without needing to be spending hours on the road. Plus, we had the opportunity to work with an amazing videographer and audio technician to help us make it happen.

BA: The whole point [of the videos] was to create a series of videos that were really well shot, and featured live-off-the-floor performances (shout out to Bret Killoran for the audio and Kirvan Photography for the video…). There is a lot of content out there that looks really great, but is just so over produced and synthetic, it loses its humanity.

It all harks back to the reason we wanted to do this as a duo in the first place – to create something authentic, and honest.


RMM: Are you working on a new album?

JL: We are focusing on the video content right now to see where that takes us. This is a good fit for us right now.

BA: As a musician, you’re always working toward that – whether you realize it or not. We’re both eager to get back in the studio, but we want to establish a kind of identity with these videos first.


RMM: How will this new band structure impact your writing/recording for the album?

JL: The structure is the same. Someone presents an idea in rehearsal, using everyone else as a sounding board for what not to do first, then after the smoke clears, we get out our own way and each add our own unique ingredient that is best for the song, leaving all personal agenda aside. When it works, it blends effortlessly and it just sounds like Andreas.


RMM: What does the future hold for Andreas?

BA: We’re really just hitting our stride. We’re really excited about the new stuff we’ve written/arranged, and it’s being very well received. We’re hoping to have some new videos up in the near future, and we’ve already been in talks with a few people about getting back into the studio…


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