Mark Martyre proves he ain’t finished yet with Bluebird

Mark Martyre is back with Bluebird, his fourth studio release – and his best album yet.

Released last month, the record really plays up Martyre’s amazing skills as a guitarist and his expertise as a lyricist.

Take the opening track, “Where I’m Bound.” It’s a soft and soothing song with refined vocals, and a great introduction to the vastly improved Martyre.

MarkMartyre-2“Listen” is another soft ballad-styled song. It lulls like the waves and showcases Martyre’s exceptional songwriting, with lyrics like “And tell me to listen / I hear the dew fall / And the trees let out a breath around it all.”

“Lonely Victory,” meanwhile, is more upbeat with a bluesy piano. It’s a sweet ballad that has Martyre singing about a lazy afternoon – at that’s what this song is perfect for.

That bluesy sound continues with “Ain’t Finished Yet.” It incorporates electric guitar with Martyre’s signature acoustic and piano. It’s also more introspective and fun, with memorable lyrics like “And I don’t know what this song is about / It ain’t quite finished yet”.

And Mark Martyre certainly isn’t finished yet. He’s got three shows in Toronto lined up for later this month. Visit for more information.



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