Major faces make Results a likeable film

So, you know when big name actors step away from larger roles to dapple in the indie community and their influence on the film can either be hit or miss? Well, Guy Pearce (whom you know from Memento (2000), L.A. Confidential (1997), and countless other action flicks) hits it out of the park with Results (2015), a beyond quirky comedy where the behaviours of the cast ranges from slightly unconventional to mildly disturbing. First, we’ve got the well-meaning Trevor (Guy Pearce) who is overly positive, overly nice, and overly let’s people walk all over him unless his co-worker and former one-night stand partner is involved.

Results MovieCue in Kat (played by Cobie Smulders. You know, Robin from How I Met Your Mother), who takes a more realistic approach to running the gym, though has anger issues plaguing her relationships throughout the movie, especially becoming damning when a new wealthy (but hopelessly out-of-shape) client gets involved, giving Trevor the opportunity to take the gym in new directions. All together, the characters have a perfect mess on their hands.

Award-winning director Andrew Bujalski sets the film’s slower pace, but sitting through the build-up is worth the reward when we’re given clever insights and hilarious situations. Being shot in Austin, Texas, it’s no surprise that the film takes on vivid colours, wide landscapes and often minimally set scenes.

It’s light and easily digestible, though it doesn’t quite hit the mark of cinematic perfection – possibly the only things working against it being the stubborn pace and the sort of unfulfilled ending. Other than that, there’s a charm to the film and if you’re into that sort of thing – then by all means: hop to it.

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