Live in harmony with Polaris Rose’s Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies

Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies, the second full-length album from LA’s Polaris Rose, brings with it the most enticing pop-rock you’ve heard this year.

PolarisRose-1The band, made up of Peter Anthony and Maddie Elyse, gave fans a quick taste of their all-genre-encompassing sound at the start of January. “Tiger Bait,” which was our Song of the Week, is calming yet upbeat with a beautifully cascading tune. It has a fun electronic edge and introduced listeners to the duo’s amazing and hypnotic harmonies.

“Rose,” meanwhile, is an indie rock track through and through, with a chorus you’ll be singing along to for hours: “Rose, you have to see / That my love for you transcends all the movie screens”

“Soda Jerk” is a socially conscious song that takes an introspective look at our society, with lyrics like, “Everything about me is a lie / Everything about me is an advertisement / Dressing up to make you think that I / But I doubt it, whatever.”

PolarisRose-2But “Soda Jerk” is just one of many instances of Anthony and Elyse using their unique voices to play with sound. “The Great Western Highway,” for instance, uses just Anthony’s deeper voice to evoke a soft, sun-on-your-windshield type track that grows and builds into an almost dreampop kind of song.

“Slipstream” also starts off as a softer song, before bursting into a twinkling power-rock song, with vocals made of longing wistfulness and hard-hitting drums that fill your chest.

Finally, “AstroBoy” ends the album. It plays with tempo beautifully, while an ethereal wall-of-noise type sound swells. The vocal harmonies remain front and centre, though, as if reminding listeners what they’re really here for.

Need more Polaris Rose? Of course you do. Check out their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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