Little You, Little Me gives a double-dose of rock with “Racket in My Brain”

There’s nothing small about Little You, Little Me – especially when it comes to their ideology surrounding the rock drought in our mainstream world. They describe these albums as an expression of their “dissatisfaction with the lack of rock and roll in the diet of youths, which may result (if not soon treated) in a rise of fat mindless pop children”. Well, that sounds like a noble cause. Albums like I’d Watch the Day Til It Died (2015) are on the forefront of their movement, particularly with tracks like their hit, “Racket In My Brain”.

LittleYouLittleMeRight from the first note, the mania of the guitar conveys the feeling of the song perfectly. We fall into similar tropes with new indie music with the distant vocal filter and relentless hammering of every tool at this band’s disposal – but I love every second of it.

Help the unfortunate children of today remember the importance of rock and roll and join the Little You, Little Me cause through their website and Bandcamp page. Check out their Facebook page for news and reviews and other things.

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