Listen to Patrick Ballantyne, “Fore the Harvest Comes”

With a mix of British rock styled in a classic Detroit radio cadence and a side of country soul, it comes as no surprise to see that solo musician Patrick Ballantyne is a charismatic artist. So charismatic, in fact, he gave his fans a gift on his birthday by releasing a stand-alone track called “Fore the Harvest Comes”.

It’s no stretch to say that he’s a bit of a veteran in the music scene, with two previous albums under his belt, Patrick Ballantyne (2008) and Days of Rain (2014), along with many other musical credits and collaborations.

PatrickBallantyne“Fore the Harvest Comes” is a zany track that sidesteps his usual acoustic and folksy sound to stride into something decidedly eastern and exotic. The sound of traditional Turkish folk music is modernized by an equalizing bass guitar and echoing vocal filter. It kind of sounds like something U2 would do to sample other cultural sounds into their music. It’s worth a listen, especially if you’re a fan of the British rock style and you’re looking for someone to support.

Happy (belated) birthday, Patrick Ballantyne and thanks for the track! Check out the rest of his music and other information about him on his website. Visit his Facebook page for upcoming collaborations and releases, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @pjrballantyne.


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