Light up your music library with Glow by Matt Lande

Reading about him for a few minutes, listening to a few of his tracks, or just seeing the guy in his numerous press pictures, you get the sense that Matt Lande is a man who is always looking for something more. This trait comes as no surprise since he grew up in Florida before working on a few projects that eventually led him to be signed onto Christian rock label Goatee Records. Now, his latest album Glow (2015) shows that he doesn’t plan on ending his rampant streak any time soon.

Matt-Lande-chairIn his new album, Glow, Matt Lande stands firmly between pop-punk and hard-rock. It’s an interesting style where the instrumentals are heavy-handed while Lande’s vocals are feather-light. This style is most notable is his namesake song “Glow”, but it carries consistently through the other tracks.

The style is so consistent, in fact, that a lot of the songs start to sound too much alike with only the slightest variations. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a good style and I do dig the album, I just wanted a little bit more experimenting. Could be that in future EPs or albums, we’ll see him trying new things. Until then, Matt Lande is sticking with his signature style.

Glow promises to light up your day. Get caught up in the glow and check out Matt Lande’s website for more information. Don’t forget to hit him up on his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @mattlande.

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