Leon Patriz’s Nice Try offers a heavy dose of reality

Somber lyrics and slow beats are hallmarks of Enzio Verster’s Nice Try. Despite its initial gloomy feeling, paying close attention to the lyrics will reveal the genius behind the songwriting process. Verster – who released the album under the pseudonym Leon Patriz – speaks of modern issues, such as substance abuse, and trivialities such as simply feeling “bitter” and “jealous” at times.

LeonPatriz-2What is striking about this collection of tracks is its down-to-earth and genuine vibe; the lyrics are enigma-free and this transparent meaning behind the songs makes it easy for the listener to relate to the issues Verster speaks of.

Give this album a spot on your playlist for days when you’re in need of a heavy dose of reality.

For more Leon Patriz, aka Enzio Verster, see our interview with the artist, here.

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