Kendall Lake shape-shifts again with latest single

Kendall Lake is one of those artists who could release a fantastic song in a new genre every day – and she proves that with her latest single “Over”.

The rock-n-roll-ish song has echoey electronic overtones that perfectly illuminate the whirlwind vocals. The song builds in all the right places and excitedly drops off where you’d least expect it.

KendallLakeLyrically, the track seems to point to that relationship we’ve all had – trying to get out, but falling right back into bad habits. Lake sings: “Over and over, over and over / I say that I’m through, but I’m right back next to you”

What’s really great about “Over” is that Lake is able to be brutally raw, exposing the beauty in that lazy, sleazy sound that the Weeknd made popular. That raw honesty is still present across all of Lake’s catalogue, but she imposes it on different genres, making her a real chameleon – one we can’t wait to see more from.

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