January 9, 1944

Jan9On this day in 1944, Jimmy Page was born James Patrick Page.

He and his family lived in a London suburb for a few years before moving in 1952 to a new home in Surrey. This is where Page was met with his first guitar: he found an old Hofner Senator in the house they just moved into. His interest was immediate and Page started playing, taking a few lessons before self-teaching – playing by ear while listening to records.

After discovering the guitar, Page became friends with Jeff Beck, and together they would listen to records, dreaming of one day becoming great guitarists themselves.

Page’s career began as a studio session guitarist in London, and in 1965 he was asked to join the Yardbirds after Eric Clapton left the band. In the beginning Page did not want to be involved and he recommended his friend Jeff Beck. Quite soon after though, Page also joined – first as a bassist, and then as a lead guitarist together with Beck.

The Yardbirds broke up and Page made a few phone calls, one to vocalist Robert Plant and another to drummer John Bonham. Page was contacted by John Paul Jones, who was eager to join the new band. The band performed as the New Yardbirds, but soon renamed themselves Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page is considered to be one of the most distinguished guitar players of all time.

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