January 3, 1989

Jan3On this day in 1989, Rock N’ Roll Cuisine, a cookbook is launched at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York. Rod Stewart and Meat Loaf hosted the star-studded buffet.

“Faggots and Peas” was a delicacy that Tom Jones said he prepared at home when not performing the casino circuit. This recipe is one of 95 contained in the cookbook compiled by Robin Le Mesurier, a former lead guitarist in Rod Stewart’s band, and Peggy Sue Honeyman-Scott (the widow of James Honeyman-Scott of the Pretenders).

Proceeds from the book benefited Phoenix House, which runs drug-rehab centers worldwide.

Mick Jagger’s shrimp curry was a hit at the luncheon, unlike Weird Al Yankovic’s PB and J sandwiches that were hardly touched.

Others dishes included Stevie Nicks’ FleetwoodMac recipe for Fiesta Dip with refried beans, Eric Clapton’s Pea Soup, the Paul Stanley Caesar Salad, and Cher’s “Boyfriend Approved” Macaroni Salad. Don Henley shared his recipe for Texas Chili, also providing the phone number and address of his favorite chili powder manufacturer.

Some recipes were quite bizarre. Take Yoko Ono’s recipe for Dream Soup: “Put a lot of sunshine in a large bowl. Mix it with your dream of your future. Spice it with a pinch of hope and laughter and wait!”

I’m sure you can guess at what Meatloaf added to the collection.

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