January 2, 1926

Jan2On this day in 1926, the first edition of the legendary British music magazine Melody Maker (MM) was published.

The magazine promised news and information for “all who are interested in the production of popular music.” Dance band musicians were a regular feature for the first few decades but by the 1950s MM shifted focus towards jazz bands and were quite late in reporting the biggest music sensation in the world: rock and roll.

Not until 1965 would the name The Beatles be mentioned. The late 1960s showed MM marketed toward teens, and by the late 1970s glam rock was their main priority.

The 1980s and ’90s showed a heavy decline during the age of pop, indie and grunge.

Despite relaunching as a glossy magazine in 1999 Melody Maker had to close its doors the following year. In the end, Melody Maker merged into IPC Media’s nemesis music magazine, NME, taking journalists and music reviewers by surprise.

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