Hey Clown ends 2015 with a bang through Elevator Rock

Eerily artsy but edged with a hardcore metal punk style, Hey Clown has a distinct image that can be disturbing to some, but intriguing to others. Elevator Rock comes as the third album release to this group fronted by Toui Manikhouth (if he sounds familiar, it’s probably because he has his own career, noted with This Service EP).

HeyClownOther members include Andrew Rous on guitar, David Pettigrew with bass and vocals, Cody Morris rocking the drums, and Andrew Shaw lending some vocals. Hey Clown has steadily gone on a one-release-per-year rate with Pinata (2013) and their Hey Clown EP (2014).

Elevator Rock is the screamiest of the “screamo” indie genre with no discernible break in the vocal assault on the ears. I’ve never been into this kind of music (keeping my heavy rock and metal tastes to the level of Three Days Grace, Metallica and Black Sabbath, while never quite venturing to the height of Slipknot and Alexisonfire), but I can see the appeal of it – especially if you want to blow off some steam.

They describe themselves as a “5 Piece Agresssion”, which is pretty accurate considering how furiously “Elevator Rock” starts, leading on to “Dieppe” which is an appropriately named track. “Easily” was my favourite track, setting itself apart with an interesting opening.

Try out something stylistically new with Hey Clown and check out their music on Bandcamp or SoundCloud. For performance dates and new releases, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @HeyClownBand.


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