Heather Green shows her colours with Clementine

With two albums on her repertoire (One Year Happy in 2008 and Your Last War in 2012, which was nominated for an East Coast Music Association award), Clementine (2015) comes as a collaborative effort between her and a few friends in the industry like Stewart Legere, Kim Harris, and Margot Durling. If the album sounds familiar, it’s probably because of Green’s hit, “Wild Ones”.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 6.14.01 PMThe majority of Green’s music is a swaying, almost light-hearted version of blues. It doesn’t demand too much attention but takes the route of subtlety to make its point. Her greatest hit, “Wild Ones”, strays from the pack as it’s the most intense.

With the summer coming up, you’ll want a soundtrack that characterizes the upbeat, inspiring romp and the more laid-back, self-reflecting tracks. It’s a balanced album, showing that Green’s talent hinges on a multitude of moods and a lot of talent.

Heather Green proves once again that she’s worth listening to, so give her a chance: check out her music on her website or her Soundcloud page. See what other nominations she’s up for on her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @heathergreen.

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