Get in the groove with the Gravy Jones EP

Gravy Jones is a groove rock band from Guelph, Ontario who also label themselves as a folk-funk and rockn’roll type band. Their self-produced EP, Gravy Jones (2016) adheres to that genre description rather nicely. With their sweet ’60s era feel and their ability to melodically rock, this album is going to have you grooving. Starting with the beautiful subtle design of their album cover along with their well-written and catchy songs, this album sure is worth checking out.

The album starts off with a track titled “Heavy Metal”, a song that really shows off the band’s unique ability to not only rock but to bring the listener along to a peaceful, soothing utopia of sorts. Get comfy, pour yourself a glass of wine, because this album is going to help you to relax. The next song is titled “Keep It Low” and is a smooth yet energetic song that builds up nicely. By the end, you may just catch yourself dancing along.

99d4c4ad-4b42-4972-af62-eea18bd3fdbd“London Town” is a heart-filled song that touches on a very sensitive subject that the band looks at from both sides. This is a very important song and should be heard by many listeners. Just to give you a little feel of the lyrics: “What makes you think/ a fatal shooting can justify/ all the looting/ there has to be a line somewhere/ destruction only causes despair.” It is an album that certainly impacts the listener.

The next song “Jerry” starts off with a beautiful guitar riff that grabs the listener’s attention right away. The song shows how much fun the band has and their ability to “rock out”. Keep enjoying yourself while you relax to their groovy sounds and as you near the end, the EP finishes you will find a song titled “The Lakeshore Shuffle”.  It’s nice to see a hometown band pay tribute to being Canadian and write about Toronto in their song.

Overall, this is an enjoyable album with great sounds and catchy lyrics, it’s sure to make you smile and likely to listen a few times through.  For more info on Gravy Jones, check out the band’s Facebook page.

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