Get familiar with miesha & the spanks’ Stranger EP

It’s been a little longer than a year since we heard anything from garage-rockers miesha & the spanks. But the duo is back with a new two-track EP, effectively teasing an up-and-coming full-length, currently in the works.

mieshaandthespanksStranger EP opens with title track, “Stranger.” It’s a fun song, with something of a ‘50s vibe. Newcomer Sean Hamilton sits comfortably on the crashing-yet-distant drums, while frontwoman Miesha Louie offers her strongest performance yet. Between her strong and refined vocals and her gloriously distorted guitar, it’s clear Miesha isn’t (just) playing around.

“Motoring’” is up next. It’s got a more outlandishly garage feel. The fuzz is all-encompassing and Louie’s vocals add a fantastic girly edge that’s just dripping with attitude.

Get more from Miesha at, and be sure to catch the band on their West Coast tour.

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