Fun Cam hits the top floor with Basement Rock

You know all those liberal arts professions you’ve thought of pursuing, though thought better of it when everyone said, “you’ll never get a job in that field”? Well, Cam Fraser, the creative mind behind the band Fun Cam is an embodiment of all that with an education of English literature, theatre training, graphic design, and music studies under his belt. His latest album, Basement Rock (2015), shows him as the artisanal jack-of-all-trades, classifying himself as a power pop artist.

He’s kinda like a underdog version of Dave Grohl or that crazy guitar-playing uncle that always has some dive bar set story, but his sense of character has garnered attention for him – especially since he’s spent years playing with other Torontonian bands like Four Kelly’s, Crispin’s Glove, and The And Then’s.

fun-cam-350It’s a fun album, first and foremost. With the cadence of a ‘90s vocalist that balances silly zaniness and whiny angst, Fun Cam runs through his album with each song presenting a funny short story like a comedian with a debut book. The next thing that makes itself evident is the ‘60s swing wave music that spans this artist’s influence across decades.

“Vegan Girlfriend” is probably my favourite track since it encompasses all of these traits and slathers a hilarious story with social commentary on top. Each track is worth cracking a grin at. Maybe even going so far as to bust a gut. It’s not too silly though, taking some more serious notes with “Small Town Swing Bridge”.

While I’m not a fan of Britney Spears, I like the acoustic take on “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”. If I haven’t sold you on the whole album, at least check out this one. You have to admit that it’s at least interesting and different.

He’s too zany to let slip without a listen. Check him out on his website for more information on his music. Give Basement Rock a listen through his Bandcamp or Soundcloud page and get to-the-minute updates by visiting his Facebook page or following him on Twitter @funcamrocks.

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