Forest Moon’s A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone paints Northern landscapes with sound

Even our most patriotic tend to forget the gentle ambience of the Northern landscapes when thinking of Canada in favour of political scandal, fast city life, and just otherwise paying attention to what else is happening in the world. That’s why we have bands like Forest Moon, which enrich their music with the winter song of Canadian essence with their latest album A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone (2015).

“Cavern’s Dark” sets the stage of a different world: one that’s spacier and paints an image of dark meeting light in an oddly optimistic yet somber song – all through audio influence. Creating images with words is one thing, but managing to get it done with music is another. Note that A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone (2015) actually does have vocals, but it’s worth noting that the instrumentals are powerful as well, almost like a folksier modern version of David Bowie’s Low (1977) but less experimental.

This is a truly soft-spoken album, especially with Coldplay-sounding tracks like “Unfound”. It’s a gentle end to a long day and that’s the appeal to Forest Moon’s music. I find myself drawn to the more eccentric tracks like “Kaepora” and “II: Leaftail”, the kinds that try new things without comprising the integrity of the sound. For people who are into the darker tracks, “Ruin” is certainly a great track for pushing the limits of vocal effects.

Get back in touch with your Northern roots with Forest Moon’s A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone (2015), available now on Bandcamp. See what else they’re up to on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @ontheforestmoon.

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