Foreign Diplomats will whisk you away to another land with “Beni Oui Oui”

Foreign Diplomats are equal parts eccentric to the ears and political in their musical philosophy. “Beni Oui Oui” came out as the preview track to their 2015 debut release Princess Flash and rocks a solid message with a simple studio production. According to the band’s frontman, Elie Raymond, the message behind the song describes individuals who are held in the spotlight despite “their continuous negative hold”. It’s powerful, it’s from Montreal, it’s “Beni Oui Oui” by the Foreign Diplomats.

0007048739_10In this track, the Foreign Diplomats sound classic European – almost like this song could have easily been sung in French and still had the same heartbreak punch to the gut. The pacing is as slow as molasses near the beginning, really twisting the heel into the chest with how depressing the subject matter is. It picks up later on, telling us that this downtrodden muse is going to be okay. Saying that a song is a “rollercoaster of emotion” is a cliché, so I’ll just say that “Beni Oui Oui” certainly has some range to the moods it puts out.

Get whisked away into another land with Foreign Diplomats’ music on their Soundcloud and Bandcamp page. Keep up with them through Facebook and follow them on Twitter @FDiplomats.

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