Foo Fighters bring their best with Saint Cecilia

FooFighters-SaintCeciliaEarlier this month, the Foo Fighters announced they’d be going on hiatus – but not before quietly releasing a new five-song EP, Saint Cecilia.

If I can be frank: I’ve always liked the Foo Fighters, but I thought their last bits of work were… lacking. The Sonic Highway show was amazing, but the album fell a bit flat.

But Saint Cecilia brings back the band we all know and love, with being too stereotypically “Foo”.

The album opens with the hard-rocking yet calm title track, “Saint Cecilia”. It’s high energy but not insane, like there’s no more pressure to be the “crazy Foos” we’re used to. “Sean” follows with even higher energy, opening with a bang and continuing with lovely harmonies.

The album gets progressively faster and heavier, as evidenced by “Savior Breath”. It’s fuzzy and loud and wakes everything up. It’s dirty ol’ rock n’ roll – Foos at their finest.

FooFighters-2“Iron Rooster,” meanwhile, is more introspective. It slows down the album – a lot – but it’s a welcome change of pace.

“The Neverending Sigh” rounds out the record. It’s quick and building, clear and exciting, before pounding into a wonderful vortex of sound.

Saint Cecilia is a classic Foo Fighters album, and one you should miss.

For more on the Foo Fighters’ Saint Cecilia, like to download the album, visit their special website.

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