February 5, 1967

On this day in 1967, The Beatles were filmed in Stratford, London, as part of a promotional clip to advertise their single “Penny Lane”. They rode horses and walked in and around the Angel Lane area. Two days later, on the 7th, they went to Knole Park in Sevenoaks, Kent, where they rode horses through an archway, and then sat at a dinner table where Mal Evans served the band guitars instead of food.

“Penny Lane”, along with “Strawberry Fields Forever”, were originally intended to be part of the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP, but due to the lack of releases since the previous August, it was decided to release it as a single ahead of time.

The promo video was produced by Tony Bramwell and directed by Peter Goldmann, who was recommended by long-time Beatles friend Klaus Voormann. This was one of the first examples of what would later become known as a music video.

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