Emma-Lee’s new song will take you “All The Way”

If you heard the name “Emma-Lee”, it’s probably because she’s been called “Toronto’s best vocalist” and a “top shelf songwriter” by NOW and the Toronto Star. Last year saw a few new releases by the self-taught singer, including “All The Way”. Starting with her attention-grabbing debut, Never Just a Dream (2008), her career has since gone through transitions before landing on her new style.

Emma-LeeThe song is definitely powerful, but it doesn’t overpower the listener with rhythm or instrumentals, the voice is what carries most of the weight here. It follows a few modern music tropes like the echo voice filter and the “underwater” sound of some of the instrumental breaks before blasting forth into another chorus. Needless to say, “All The Way” is a powerful listen with Emma-Lee’s vocals leading the tune’s strength.

You’re not going to want Emma-Lee get away without giving her a listen, so check her out on her official website. Sample her music on her Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. Follow her releases and performances on her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @emmadashlee.

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