Electric Parlor reminds us of classic ‘70s rock with their debut album

Electric Parlor, the band that prides itself in maintaining the tradition of rock and roll, released their debut album of the same name back in 2015. Despite the name of the group, they aren’t one of these synth pop bands. Monique Alvarez adds her raw vocals to the unique style with Kris Farr on guitars, Josh Fell on bass, and drummer Zachary Huling.

1105426-lThis album immediately strikes a return of ‘70s style rock, evidently drawing inspiration from bands like Led Zeppelin. Alvarez has a Janis Joplin voice which works in perfect harmony with the classical riffs Farr and Fell give, all topped off with that heavy-handed drumming.

Tracks like “Bitter” show that this rock n’ roll compilation has an edge of blues to it too. It’s effectively heartbreaking with the agony of emotion in her voice. This track and the first impression that “Reckless” made show that Electric Parlor (2015) is proof that the age of “sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” is far from gone. Electric Parlor perpetuates this view in indie circles and refuses to cop out to indie genre clichés.

Electric Parlor wants you to keep the rock dream alive, so check out their website to see what they’re about. Don’t miss out on their music, so check them out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. See what else they’re up to on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @ElectricParlor.

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