Dresden Wolves talk about their origins, sound development, and the Mexican punk scene

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a band that has such a unique vibe and style going for it that you’re inclined to learn a little more about it. Dresden Wolves is such a band: a vicious punk rock band based in Mexico belting out high-octane lyrics in broken English – and people can’t get enough!

Made up of Emmanuel Rapeta and Oscar Lopez, they have spent time developing their sound through frequent performances (their Facebook page alone shows constant news of a performance) before recording. So far, they sport only one EP, though they have a few in the works. Tonight, Raz Mataz talks to them about who they are, the sound they present, and the Mexican punk scene.

10382048_1405482036399939_5389247657549718678_oRaz Mataz Magazine (RMM): First off, why the name “Dresden Wolves”?

Dresden Wolves (DW): Well… Dresden was unharmed during the World War I (That´s a interesting fact), and Wolves… ¿Who doesn´t love wolves? Ha ha ha ha!

RMM: What went into the process of creating your sound?

DW: It was kind of difficult for us at the beginning because we didn´t want to sound like most of the bands around here in Mexico, we tried around 30 different pedals for the perfect sound for the bass, worked so hard to make catchy riffs, we used to rehearsal about five hours without a break, sacrificing not spending time with our families, friends, etc., just focus on getting the perfect sound.

RMM: If Spanish is your native language, why do you write songs in English?

DW: We get that question a lot ha, ha, ha. It´s not like we can´t write songs in Spanish, we have songs in Spanish, it´s just we choose whether the lyrics are in Spanish or English, depends on the riff we decide whether is in English or Spanish.

RMM: What’s the Mexican punk scene like nowadays since its explosion in the late ’90s?

DW: Nowadays, it´s increasing astonishingly, Mexico has amazing punk bands nowadays such as: Los Viejos, Cardiel, Annapura, Tormentas, Deshuesadero, Los Bluejays, Bestia, just to mention a few. Now there´s a lot support from collectives, that helps bands to promote their music and for getting gigs.

RMM: Do you think Americana or the UK punk scene had a big effect on punk rock in Mexico City or on your band?

DW: Hmmmm, I don´t know if can “yes” on behalf of the other bands here in Mexico, but for me some of them have a little from American or UK punk scene, though not for us.

RMM: Your sound is a little more modern than a lot of punk bands that have reverted back to the ’90s sound, what were your main influences in this thought process?

DW: Musically speaking, we have different influences for example: Me (Oscar/bass) I´m a huge fan of Joy Division and Emmanuel (Drums) huge of the happy punk scene. We don´t put our influences in our music due to we have different tastes. I don´t think we have a main influence, we just make riffs at random and choose the perfect one.

RMM: Can we expect to hear some new stuff soon? Maybe another EP in the works?

DW: Now, we have about eight songs ready to be recorded, but maybe for next year due to we have the rest of the year full of gigs. We are playing the new songs in every gig we are having now. Also we´re working in our first video.


We plan on checking out what they’ve got coming up, so get in the know by listening to their debut EP via their Bandcamp or Soundcloud page. For upcoming shows and their much-anticipated Indie Week appearances, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @DresdenWolves. And honestly, make sure you do. These guys are fucking cool.

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