CMW 2016 :: The Howll

TheHowll-2I saw Toronto rockers The Howll for the second time on Friday night, and for the second time, they completely blew me away.

The band’s particular brand of rock ’n roll will make an uber fan of anyone. It’s gritty and loud, with wailing and distorted guitars, and deep-thudding drums. Pairing that amazing wall of sound will the lead vocalist’s throaty growl only serves to further blast the band well ahead of its competition.

At Cadillac Lounge for Canadian Music Week, the foursome played some of its own classics – like “Baby Don’t” and “Fair Weather” from their 2013 self-titled EP – as well as some new tunes, which are in the process of being recorded for a brand-spankin’-new album, and some other classics, namely “Helter Skelter”.

TheHowll-1I’ve heard The Howll play this cover live before, and it’s unlike any take you’ve ever heard before. Their version is about as wild as it gets. The band thrashes around on stage, with the guitars and bass and drums seemingly battling to be the loudest, but still somehow fitting in each others’ space – and you could swear the singer’s vocal chords might rupture right before your eyes.

Watching The Howll live is quite the experience – and it’s one you should absolutely enjoy. Get more from The Howll on their website.

And find more photos from the band’s set on our Facebook page.


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