CMW 2016 :: Surf Dads

DSC_0329Take whatever you think you know about Surf Dads, then fuck it.

Because their live show is louder faster harder and better than literally everything you’ve heard from them before.

They start strong – fast guitars and even faster drums – and they don’t slow down from there.

Despite technical difficulties – no working mic at the start of their set, guitar straps breaking left right and centre – they put on a crazy high-energy show. They bombard you with a wall of sound, and pepper some surf-y undertones and lots of punk overtones throughout their noise-rock set.

DSC_0353Beyond that hard-rocking sound, Regina-based Surf Dads are a crazy tight band. Experts on stage, they hit every note and every perfectly placed pause in complete unison. It’s like they were born to do this together – actually, they probably were.

The group also keeps the audience on its toes – slowing down, slipping into a more of a surfy-type sound, before exploding into that insanely intense wall of amazing noise.

Surf Dads are great on record, but do yourself a favour and go see them live.

Get more Surf Dads on Facebook and Bandcamp. And for more photos from the show, check out our Facebook page.


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