CMW 2016 :: Secret Broadcast

13119071_987814564605322_7475034838117034711_nSecret Broadcast has been a mainstay on the Toronto indie scene for a while, and for good reason. The band’s particular brand of good ol’ fashioned rock ’n roll goes beyond loud guitars (though there’s plenty of that).

The truth is they’re an incredibly detailed group. They’ve got deafening and screeching guitar solos, hard-hitting drums, and the kind of screaming vocals that would make the Stones proud.

They even add clanging keys to a couple of songs for a surprisingly full sound, as if there was anything missing before.

On stage for Canadian Music Week at Supermarket last night, the band seamlessly shifted between songs, including old favourites like the super-fun and thrashy “Raygun” and the high-energy “Killing Time”.

13165978_987814674605311_3718921384075268727_nThey even tossed some covers into their set: a ramped-up version of “Helter Skelter” and a version of “Seven Nation Army” that was so good you would swear Jack White stole it from the Toronto-based quartet (that bastard).

The band also switched it up with some new tunes – after all, they’re recording a sophomore album in the very near future. That new music – for which we’ve been waiting since 2014’s Filthy Souls – is even more layered and fine-tuned than ever before. The band has most certainly matured, and that’s especially evident in their stage presence.

You can’t stop staring at Secret Broadcast on stage. They’re true experts – they know what they’re doing – and they put on one helluva gig.

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