CMW 2016 :: LOLAA

DSC_0445We finally got our first real taste of LOLAA, and the verdict is good.

It’s been a few years since sisters Nadia King and Lex Valentine (on drums and guitar/vox, respectively) took the stage as two-thirds of Toronto indie darlings Magneta Lane.

It was something of a surprise when they announced this electro-pop side project and, honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think. But then they released “ALWAYS BEEN“ and I immediately knew they’d bring that same passion they had in Magneta Lane to LOLAA.

That passion was obvious at The Silver Dollar Room on Thursday, albeit slightly shrouded by a curtain of nerves.

DSC_0464Despite some technical difficulties, LOLAA (joined on stage by Miesha on keys and Jon on drums) found their footing and put on one helluva show.

So what can you expect from the sorta-new band? The same heartfelt lyrics from ML, delivered in the same gut-wrenching drawl, but that’s about where the similarities end.

This new sound is faster and much dancier. It features synths that don’t overshadow, but instead add those perfect details where they’re needed.

LOLAA is a wonderful compliment to the electro-pop world, taking on a genre that can easily fall stale and really invigorating it with something we really haven’t heard before.

We can’t wait to see what comes next.

Get more LOLAA on Facebook. And while you’re on the ‘book, check out more photos from the show.


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