CMW 2016 :: Blve Hills

DSC_0216Ottawa’s Blve Hills got stuck with an early slot at Handlebar for Canadian Music Week. But still, the band packed the bar and filled the so-called hipster hole with rabid fans – including some they picked up just moments earlier.

When the band first takes stage and gets strapped, you’ll think: Who are these dirty, pyjama-wearing, long-haired kids? Did they stumble out of a dorm room somewhere? Do they know where they are?

They know alright, and they’re hardly n00bs.

Their weirdness, like their music, is all-encompassingly infective. They inspire the audience to let loose, bounce a hip, tap a toe, and get downright head-banging.

Surf rock is the easiest way to describe that sound. It’s mellow at times, with distant hazy vocals, threading bass and dizzying guitars. But, without notice, Blve Hills can switch gears and start thrashing with the best of them.

DSC_0260Their cover of Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is enough to draw a comparison to the Australian band, but it’s also different and unique enough that you certainly can’t call Blve Hills a knock-off.

(For what it’s worth, they also do a few bars’ worth of RHCP’s “Give It Away,” which was fucking wicked.)

The band has been touring throughout Ottawa and surrounding cities, on the heels of their She’s Still Here EP, released in October. Get more from the band on their Facebook and Soundcloud pages. And visit our Facebook page for more photos from the show.


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