Chatting it up with Conscious at the Muskoka Beer Fest

I chatted very briefly online with Conscious following their gig at the Muskoka Beer Fest in Huntsville. The four-piece band is local to Huntsville but have played in venues such as The Opera House in Toronto, where they played in the finals of BANDit to win a trip to Los Angeles to record an EP.

unnamed-1RM: On your Facebook page you say, “we are all Conscious”. What are you conscious of in particular?

C: Everything, ideally. To be conscious is to be awake. Aware of your space, what is going on around you and your impact on it. We are all Conscious because everyone is apart of the music we make. Everybody adds their own energy to a room, and what happens at a show is the sum of what everyone is feeling, not just the band members.

RM: Do you have favourite songs to play live?

C: All our own songs are a favourite to play live. They are always a little different every time. Usually the most exciting are the newest ones that we’ve played the least.

RM: Other local bands you enjoy?

C: Ha ha, yeah most of them. Lots of great musicians around. Good friends with Laganza.

Conscious sounds like REM meets a random ’90s dive bar band meets those weird guys from your high school that started a band with decent music. Essentially, that’s exactly what they are. The guys all lived in the same town and formed a band together, producing great rock vibes and killer tunes. The guys themselves are swell people, extremely friendly, and lovely to get along with.

To listen more to this bright band, their Facebook page lists upcoming events and their YouTube page hosts a few videos of recent shows.

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