Bloodhounds on my Trail teach an old genre new tricks with Escape II

Following the Escape EP (2014) that put Bloodhounds On My Trail on the radar of many an indie fan, the guys return with the shoe-gaziest of shoe-gaze music: Escape II (2015). These dream pop tones were hazily performed by frontman Johnny Green (with the guitars, vocals, and the laid-back attitude), guitarist Chris Donaldson, bassist Jonny O’Hara, and drummer Nik Donaldson since their first show in 2014.

7009431This new release brings back the ‘80s and ‘90s vibe of European atmospheric alternative, bringing the “nu gaze” trend to the forefront and to the rest of the world. 2015 came as a busy year for the bloodhounds with Escape II and a few other projects under their belt.

The music behind Bloodhounds on my Trail sounds a lot less frantic than the name of the band and album would have you believe. Instead, the bloodhounds prefer long, drawn-out sounds with laid-back vocals over-hued with instruments (putting far away from the forefront, it seems).

Tracks like “Jolly” and “Silence, It’s Golden” are the perfect displays of what this band is about. The entire album sounds like one waking dream, giving the appeal behind the name “Escape”, like you’re taking time away from the stress and the rush of life.

We know you’re at least a little curious about Escape II, so go sniff out Bloodhounds On My Trail through the Bandcamp page. See what other performances and projects they’re planning on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @BloodhoundsMelb.

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